Marcus & Marcus: Modern Mealtime Accessories For Baby


Emily Reviews
By Asha

Our daughter is getting bigger every day. The first few months have flown by! At 9 months old, she has already learned so many new skills. It is so exciting to see each milestone achieved. Right now she is eating baby food, but we know that ‘table food’ is just around the corner! We were delighted to receive the Rocket Silicone Dispensing Feeding Spoon, Fork and Spoon Set, Silicone Divided Plate and Collapsible Sandwich Wedge to try out.

The Rocket Silicone Dispensing Feeding Spoon was really neat. It is made of high quality, durable food grade silicone rubber. The spoon fit a surprisingly large amount of baby food inside. Our daughter loved the rocket shape design. She was eagerly awaiting her next bite. This spoon made feeding time a blast!

I love the vibrant color of the Silicone Divided Plate and the Fork and Spoon Set – and so does our daughter! The Fork and Spoon Set featured Willo the whale. Marcus & Marcus products feature five different adorable animals: Marcus the lion cub, Ollie the elephant, Lola the giraffe, Pokey the piglet and Willo the whale. Though our daughter isn’t quite ready to use a fork and spoon yet, we had fun practicing with them and she definitely enjoyed munching on the silicone handle.

Since our daughter isn’t eating solids yet, I tried out the Collapsible Sandwich Wedge. I take a sandwich to work every day for lunch. Generally I take my sandwiches in a zip top bag, but I don’t like that they tend to get smashed when jostled around in my lunch bag on the way in to work. This wedge solved that issue! No squished bread this time! Coworkers in the break room commented on it right away and were asking me all about it. I also love that it is collapsible, so it doesn’t take up much space in the cupboard.

Marcus & Marcus offers many different products to chose from. Two other products that I would like to try with our daughter in the future are the Learning Chopsticks and the Collapsible Bowls.

My favorite feature of these products is how well they wash up! They are all top rack dishwasher safe. I also appreciate that they are molded from BPA-Free, PVC-Free and Phthalate-free materials.