Happy Birthday to Us: Giveaways to Celebrate!


The Vacation Gals


Seven years ago today Jennifer Miner, Beth Blair and I launched The Vacation Gals. Together the three of us have been through two site redesigns (one little, one big), family moves (one out-of-state and two practically down the street), and all of the trials and tribulations that come with working from home while simultaneously running a co-owned website and raising busy (busy!) children and traveling as often as our schedule allows. When we launched The Vacation Gals, Jen’s daughter was just a tween, and now she’s applying to colleges! Beth’s toddler was a mere twinkle in her eye! It’s a bit wild to think how much our lives have evolved in the seven years since The Vacation Gals became a reality, namely in the growth of our children. And in my instance, we’re talking literal growth: My then 7-year-old son was 4’6″ and now he’s a 6’4″ high school freshman!

Yet, you’ll find no seven-year-itch here; we’re in this game for the long-haul, especially with the expanded focus our blog brings to the table as of last year: Adventures Away and Happiness at Home. We’re planning to continue sharing our favorite destinations for travel — whether that’s for family vacations, solo journeys or trips just with our husbands — as well as some places we like to explore in our own backyards and things that make us happy at home.

To celebrate our seven years of friendship and partnership (not to mention a recent “Best Blog” win in the 2016 SATW Central States Chapter writing awards) , we decided to pull together a couple of fun giveaways. Read what’s included in these two different giveaway packages, and then enter to win!

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Thanks, as always, for your support over the years. We truly appreciate your readership.

Travel & Wellness Package Giveaway

Included in this giveaway are:

Baby & Toddler Gear Giveaway

You could win:

* Starred items are some of Hollie Naddour’s favorite travel baby items.