8 Bath Time Safety Tips For Your Toddler


Bath time is a regular activity we enjoy doing on a daily basis. Tub time can be a relaxing, enjoyable part of my day, or turn into a battlefield depending on my child’s mood. I also do my best to make bathing a fun, special time that I can share with my children. Trust me when I say we have had bunches of different tub toys that end up all mildewed and eventually in the trash, what a waste of money!! Needless to say I’m always on the look out for super cool, fun, quality bath toys that my little ones will love and won’t end up black with mildew then tossed away. So you can imagine how happy I am to share with you today some really awesome mildew free silicone bath toys from Marcus And Marcus!

Keeping my children safe while they are bathing is a number one priority. Here are 8 bath time safety tips for you

  1. Never Leave Your Child Unattended In The Bath Tub- Be prepared ahead of time by getting together all the bathing supplies you need and have them at hands reach. Children can drown in less than an inch of water, never think it’s okay to step out of the room for even a quick second while your tot is in the tub.
  2. Make The Family Tub Safe- Bathtubs are really slippery and can become dangerous! Choose to line your tub with a rubber bath mat to prevent slips & falls. Use a spout cover that is cushioned or made of soft rubber to help protect your baby’s head in case they fall. If your tub has sliding glass shower doors, please make sure they are made from safety glass.
  3. Be Aware Of Water Temperature- Know that It can take only three seconds for a child to get third degree burns from hot tub water. Make sure you test the temp before putting baby in the tub. You can do this by using the back of your hand, wrist or even an elbow. If the water is too warm to your touch then it’s definitely too warm for your toddler.
  4. Don’t Put Too Much Water In The Tub- Water levels should never reach more than waist-high for toddlers and older children, while sitting.
  5. Don’t Let Your Toddler Stand Or Jump In The Tub- Remember a bathtub is not a swimming pool. It can be a very dangerous place for your child especially if they are standing and jumping around. Teach them to stay seated while bathing.
  6. Drain the Tub Completely And Take Out All The Toys- Don’t leave even the tiniest bit of water in the tub and be sure to take out all the toys. This way the toddler isn’t tempted to reach over the side to grab a toy and risk falling in. Also, keep bath toys dry and clean to prevent mold and bacteria from forming. This too can be a potential health risk for your little tike.
  7. Be Sure To Keep Electric Appliances Away From The Tub- Electric appliances you use in the bathroom like hair dryers and curling irons, should be unplugged and put away at all times!
  8. Keep Toys Clean- After your child’s bath, make sure to keep their toys clean and most of all dry. Wet toys that have been left to sit in mesh bag holders and stands are more likely to produce slime and mildew. Use bath toys like the silicone ones from Marcus & Marcus to ensure a clean mildew free bathing environment.

Marcus & Marcus silicone bath toys were developed by two mothers who share a love for their children, ultimately coming together creating these unique, must have bath toys for our little ones! They are fun, happy themed bath toys that bring joy and excitement for your baby while keeping them entertained and engaged. We received the Lion, Pokey the Pig, Lola the Giraffe, Ollie the Elephant and Willo the Whale, Submarine and Rocket ship.

The animal themed bath toys are simply adorable don’t you think? I love that all of these fabulous silicone toys are designed to unscrew and be taken apart. This allows for easy cleaning and air drying to prevent mold growth on the inside as well as outside of the toy. Marcus & Marcus toys are made with phthalate free silicone and they are BPA free. Best of all they have no odors and are top rack dishwasher safe!

My favorite ones are the Submarine and Rocket ship, they rock! These fun themed silicone toys are the latest Marcus & Marcus innovation for bath time. What’s super cool is the heat sensing technology! The Rocket ship actually changes color if the bath water is too hot!!! I so love this, what a great way to help us parents keep the water temperature under control so our kids stay safe. My motherly heart thanks you Marcus & Marcus!!

A few more awesome features about these bath toys I enjoy are they float and all of them have a squeeze and squirt spout. The silicone rubber is super soft to the touch and so easy for tiny hands to hold with no sharp edges!! Your kiddos will have so much fun laughing and giggling as they turn the tub into a wonder water world adventure!

These wonderful bath toys are not just for playing in the water. Mia loves her new squirting silicone bath toys, even out of the tub! Check her out having a blast letting her imagination soar while playing with Marcus & Marcus Silicone Bath Toys!

Hey friends, Marcus & Marcus are so much more than just bath toys.They have a complete line of fantastic everyday products that are smart and functional for adults, babies and young children.

.Did you know June is national safety month? I can’t think of a better way to contribute than with Marcus & Marcus!

For more information on the Marcus & Marcus Silicone Bath Toys or any one of their fine product line, swing on by their website! You can also purchase these fabulous bath toys on Amazon.com.

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